The Concepts In Female-Male Communication, And Organizational Communication

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Communication is something that humans have had always whether it was nonverbal or verbal. The course Female-Male Communication vocalized the differences between the ways males and females communicate as well as the stigmas’ that come attached to them. Many people don’t truly understand the differences in which males and females communicate and if they do they may feel powerless to speak up against inequalities. The concepts in COM 322 (Female-Male Communication) that I have learned and will take with me after I graduate from the university are gendered organizational communication, gendered power & violence, gendered close relationships, and verbal communication because these are the concepts that can be applied to the real world and are the most prevalent in gendered inequalities. Gendered organizational communication will affect me the most once I graduate from college and begin a career. This concept has taught me that stereotypes still exist in the workforce for both males and females. According to Wood (2013), “Women in the workforce are often classified according to one of four roles, each of which reflects a deeply gendered stereotype: sex object, mother, child, or iron maiden.” This is quite concerning because I plan on working hard and ambitiously in the field of my choosing and I wouldn’t want to be called an iron maiden which is “a female professional who is independent, ambitious, directive, competitive, and sometimes tough… she is generally perceived as

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