The Concert Hall At Depaul University

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The Concert Hall at DePaul University is an old church were concert and plays are held. I expected the concert hall to be larger when people spoke of it. I wasn’t expecting it to be held in a church hall. The Concert hall had about five to six rows on each side. The seats had an old antique feel to them as far as having a red type of carpet fabric on them. The lighting of the hall was dim and the light fixtures seemed had been updated with very nice fixtures. The audience that had attended the opera was a mixed crowd of ages and I would assume that most were in their upper thirties. Not a lot of young college student attended; maybe around five to ten were there to support their friends that were in the opera. The older audience were dressed business casual where as to the younger audience were just very causal/ street wear type of attire. Some audience member’s demeanors seem to be very neutral and others seem to be excited for the opera to start. The performers that were in the orchestra were dressed in black tie or semi-formal wear. The cast members were dressed like 1930’s or 1940’s in New York City costumes. The cast members seem to have excited demeanor and ready to perform.

The Music in Act I toward the end of the act when Mae jones and her boyfriend Dick starts to sing “Moon- Faced, Starry-Eyed” the style of the piece appeared to be jazz. I thought this piece of music was jazz because of the rhythm having a beat that you could clap your hands to and had allegro…
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