The Conditions of Life for African Americans Before the 1950s

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Throughout the course of American’s history people of colored skin have been infinitely and continuously oppressed and suppressed for decades. For numerous years people of color had to endure horrific attacks of inferiority and hatred. From being sold as property to being psychically, emotionally, and verbally beaten to ones defeat. The fight for equality between all races has been long fought especially for people of African descent. The need for change was in dire need and no more could the people stand it. During the 1900s it became lucid what needed to be done and without any warning the African-American Civil Rights Moment would begin. Initially around the 1930s spanning all the way to the late 1960s, those it is said to be the time of civil change. Of all the decades that fell into the duration of the African-American Civil Rights Moment many would say that the 1950s was the catalyst for the major change that was brought upon many Americans during the African-American Civil Rights Moment. Many key events happened during the 1950s and if they creased to happen then it would be a great lose and an immense setback. Though key events did occur before the 1950s the majority were placed in the 1950s. The 1950s was a time of great importance for civil rights and essentially the spark in which great change overcame the people of the United States of America. Before the 1950s, conditions for African-Americans were not good at all in many areas of life. When the Great
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