The Conduct Of Randomized Clinical Trials On E Cigarettes

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The conduct of randomized clinical trials on e-cigarettes display many hurdles. They are time consuming, expensive and in our case, e-cigarettes evolve so quickly that it is highly probable new devices with different characteristics to be available by the end of the trial. Furthermore, their findings may not reliable predict effectiveness in real world, as important features such as effects from the social and economic environment are not represented. Thus, in contrast to the much complex randomized controlled studies, observational studies are easier to conduct, less expensive and are an important tool in the effort to evaluate e-cigarettes.[58]
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This study also showed that other factors like socioeconomic status and level of nicotine addiction affect quitting success.[59] In a similar basis, Brose et al. (2015), examined the impact of e-cigarette use while smoking on smoking cessation, reduction and attempts to quit. They concluded that the participants who used e-cigarettes daily at baseline reported more attempts to quit and daily use at follow-up was connected to reduced conventional cigarette use, while no daily use had no effects. However, daily use was not associated with smoking cessation.[60] Biener and Hargraves (2014), used data from a longitudinal study in two metropolitan areas in US and they tested e-cigarette use association with motivation to quit and smoking cessation. They also concluded that only intensive users (daily e-cigarette use for at least 1 month) were more likely to quit compared with intermittent or no users.[61] 2.2.2 Miscellaneous Epidemiologic Studies A large cross-sectional population study in 5863 adults was conducted in UK by Brown et al. (2014). The researchers included smokers that have tried at least once to quit

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