The Confederate Flag Is A Symbol Of Southern Pride

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Another avenue of views about the controversy that the Confederate flag fuels racism or gives our impressionable young men and women an avenue to racism tendencies comes from our political parties and the platforms that they adopt. Democrat and Republican Party do have different views of this controversy. As in every issue there will always be conflicting numbers that make no sense, but it seems that the Democratic Party view of the controversy had the biggest swing in recent months. In gallop polls of the 1990s Democrats were solidly behind the Confederate flag as a symbol of Southern pride and remembering the historical value of the Confederate flag as roughly 60% of Democrats during this period had that opinion. Since the recent controversy began that number has went down to the latest poll taken in July of 2015 that showed that on 70% of Democrats now believe that the Confederate flag represents racism. With the recent debate and pictures of a young white male who killed 9 black church goers draped in a Confederate flag may surely have boosted numbers it still is a large growing concern in the Democratic Party that their thinking could have been wrong in past years. The Republican Party through the same time frame have steadied their view and not changed much over the years. As in the 90s the Republican Party view of the Confederate flag has always been in favor of the flag being displayed at government buildings. When the poll was taken in July of 2015 roughly the

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