The Conflict Of Mr. Donaldson

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1. The first conflict is existed between Mr. Waterhouse and Mr. Donaldson. The reason of the conflict is connected with different type of decision making between these two people. Another reason is connected with Donaldson’s attitude on working. It looks like that Donaldson is a selfish person who always does anything according to his personal point of view. talking about the type of conflict, it is avoidance: Mr. Waterhouse observes all the annoying things that performed by Mr. Donaldson, but he did not react actively on it. Being on doubts regarding the future of Mr. Donaldson, he represents an example of a justification type of account-giving response on a conflict: he does not know what to do and finds justifications for his position Another conflict is observed among Mr. Donaldson and Bettina Scheri, a woman, who organizes his programs, and is a manager of Mr. Donaldson. A man seems to be very familiar and unthankful here, and the conflict tends to look as competition, at least from Mr. Donaldson’s point of view. talking about the types of account-giving responses, it looks like that Mr. Donaldson is on the way of ideological account, he does not want to cope with the problem. Probably, he thinks that he is better than his manager. 2. talking about the motivators that drive two main people in the study, Mr. Waterhouse and Mr. Donaldson, it is essential to show that both are related on Maslow hierarchy of needs. Also both people are focusing on self-actualization, but

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