The Conflict Of The Middle East

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The Middle East as a whole is not viewed in a very bright light within the United States, and Iran is no exception. Many Americans view that Iran and it 's people are full of hatred for the U.S. and that they all have the same ideology and hatred that their government has shown. What Americans don 't know is that this is not the case. Many Iranians are oppressed and resent their government, though they won 't outright say it for fear. There are Iranians who resent the U.S. as well, but those Iranians dislike U.S. not because of religion or any other cliche reason that many Americans would believe. The only thing Americans see and hear is what the news and government has to say regarding Iran. This American viewpoint stemmed from the 1979 Iranian Revolution in which the U.S. favored shah was overthrown and the U.S. consulate was attacked. This made it seem as if the Iranians were irrational and bloodthirsty against the West for no reason, but they had a very good reason for being filled with anger. The 1979 Iranian Revolution were a series of events begining in January 1978 and lasted until a new Islamic Iranian government was established and took full control in February 1979. Anger and anti-Western sentiment in Iran had been in place for a long time, since 1953 specifically. In that time, a Democratically elected and truely fair leader named Mohammed Mossadegh was aiming at cutting of the training wheels from the West, so to speak, and making Iran a fully independent

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