Causes Of The Iranian Revolution Of 1978-1979

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The Iranian revolution of 1978-1979 was a popular uprising in 1978-79 that resulted in the overthrow of the monarch (Shah Palvahi) on April 1, 1979. This led to the establishment of the Islamic republic. It was amazing how the ruling Shah government quickly fell. Before the fall of the Iranian government, the American President (Carter) praised the Iranian government. Many people now know that the CIA put the Shah’s family in power in 1953, overthrowing a popular elected leader.

It seems events were converging to bring down the Shah government very quickly. It was like how the Bolsheviks took down the Tsar government in Russia in the earlier century. In both revolutions, you had to convince the people their government is evil or uncaring, and then go out and demonstrate. Before the Russian revolution, the people were really mad because of the shortage of bread. And this was after the Russians suffered tremendous casualties from World War One. In the Iranian revolution, there were many factors. It was repression of opposition groups by the Shah’s police, inflation, support for Israel, and some Iranians didn’t like the way the Iranians were being westernized. For many years, the clerics were instigating the masses in their sermons in condemning the Iranian government. The people eventually went out in the streets to demonstrate. The people suffered some casualties in these demonstrations which made the Shah’s regime look repressive. More Iranians got involved

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