The Conflict Of World Hunger

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What is one of the major ethical food issue on modern American society? The simple answer is the conflict of world hunger. Throughout the ages, this has been a problem looming over the world. Millions have perished from this problem from all over the globe. It is a problem in large cities to the vast deserts. World hunger can be solved however, mankind chooses not to solve it. The lack of investment is also one of the many factors that contributes to world hunger. The market even has a way of taking the viability of food away. Everyday citizens even play a large role in world hunger. World hunger is caused by food being sold in select markets, lack of investment in agriculture, and the constant waste of food.
The market of where a product is sold is one of the causes of food being unavailable due to market demands. According to Frances Lappè, environmental activist, “The hundreds of millions of people who go hungry cannot create a sufficient “market demand” for the fruits of the Earth” (Lappè 294). Experts agree that there is a strong correlation between world hunger and money. According to other experts, “the current way of discussing and managing the world economy is not fit for purpose; it’s failing hundreds of millions now and is set to fail billions in the coming decades” (Hobbs). Due to capitalism money is extremely important in today’s society because without money third world consumers cannot purchase adequate food. First world consumers create inequality when a

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