World Hunger Today

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One of the greatest challenges facing our world today is hunger. The other is accumulating enough resources to support a rapidly growing population. There are multiple solutions out there, each covering one piece of the puzzle. They range from genetically modified plants that increase yields enough so that they meet the demand and reduce pesticide usage to simply rationing resources. I propose that we follow the age old adage; give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. But instead we replace fishing with gardening. Education is our strongest weapon against the growing threat to food security. Community gardens can also play a key role in uniting and strengthening community relationships. The Lichgate garden is a beautiful and tranquil place. The flowers bloom in gorgeous colors and trees give shade to sweaty volunteers and paths create a peaceful and soothing setting. The garden is well maintained and it required little weeding and tending. You can just tell by listening that a lot of the volunteers there already know a lot about what they are doing and are so welcoming and willing to share their knowledge. Of course it is an educational garden but what I most enjoyed was just making things look pretty and beautiful. It is hard work but you get so much out of it.
The environmental problems that face the world today are many. And it is impossible to tackle them all as an individual or even as one small, motivated group.

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