The Conquest Of Noah

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Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heaven and earth.” (Gen 1:1 KJV) the genre for this book is a narrative genre because there are a lot of stories in this book. Moses was the author of this book and the date it was created was 1445 BC. The first part of Genesis talks about the beginning of how God created this beautiful world we are living in today. Also talks about the flood and how noah dealt with this issue (Gen 6-9 KJV). The second part of the book tells about how God deals with this one man, Abraham (Gen. 11-25 KJV). In the bible it says that, “Genesis is a Greek word meaning “orgin,” “source,” “generation,” or “beginning.” It also says the original title is Bereshith means “in the beginning.” In the book we are reading it states, “He speaks, creates, calls, blesses,…show more content…
Canaan is in Israel. The books of the bible where Canaan is located is Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Job. I believe Canaan was a pretty popular place in the before Christ century because it did take its place in so many books of the bible. Especially in Joshua where the conquest took place in Canaan. Canaan is also known as the “promise land.” The whole book of Joshua talks about the conquest of Canaan. Then it also talks about the division of Canaan. Around 1400 BC The Amarna Tablets refer to a period of chaos in Canaan. (Hindson& Towns, 2013, pg.49) Also in the book of Genesis from chapters 12-36 it talks about Joseph’s arrival in Egypt which mostly took place in Canaan. It looks to me that Canaan had a really big part of the Old Testament and without Canaan where would we be today. I would say nowhere because it was a well-known place. The book of Joshua was probably the book that the land of Canaan was in most. Just because of the conquest that occurred in that book. There was a map of Canaan in my Bible and it seemed to appear that it had a lot of mountains and it looked very
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