The Consequences Of The European Colonization Of Native Americans

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European Colonization was rapidly expanded after Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer arrived in the Americas. The start of the Colonization is dated to 1492. The European Colonization of the Americas was a tragedy because, the Native Americans were living a peaceful life and the arrival of Europeans has led to the devastation of indigenous communities through diseases, violence and dispossession. The most harmful consequences of the European Settlement to the Native Americans was the transfer of diseases. Europeans brought diseases such as small pox, measles and influenza. This had destructive consequences for native Americans who could not fight these diseases as they did not possess immunity. They had no time to recover from these epidemic diseases and started dying quickly. Small pox spread from tribe to tribe along the trade routes. Thus, within a century, diseases have reduced indigenous populations by as much as 95% making matters worse. “The Epidemic took years to exhaust itself and may have killed 90% of the people in coastal New England. This made a huge difference to American History.” (Mann, 1491) The drastic death of so many Native Americans decimated the supply of labors who were working under the Europeans in the Americas. One of the reasons for death was that most Native Americans were not experienced for many bacterial diseases so, they had little or no knowledge on how to combat them. The practice where family and friends gathered with the shaman at
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