Supernatural Argumentative Essay

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The hit T.V. show Supernatural has aired for going on 13 seasons. It is a popular show on the CW that has a strong fanbase. Supernatural is about two brothers that hunt ghost, monsters, angels, demons, and many other creatures. The boy's face many complications, but work together to save lives. It starts out with revenge and finding their dad and over the years they face bigger foes. Supernatural was originally supposed to end at season 5, but has continued on with a great cast. The ending of the show seems nowhere near, but yet they haven’t renewed the show for another season. Supernatural should be renewed. Supernatural has taken fans by storm. With around 1.80 million viewers, it has shown to be that of an interest to people (Telly Vulture). The show is up in ratings from the last season. Also, in fan votes for the show, each of the episodes have a high rating. The show seems to have many people intrigued and enjoying what they see in terms of new episodes. Having a high amount of viewers and keeping a high rating, shows that Supernatural has a good standing. The shows rating is at an 0.60 average (Telly Vulture). The show has a steady average which is good for shows. If they start to wavered, then they are at risk for being canceled. Supernatural has steady ratings, and many viewers.
Also, Supernatural has an excellent cast. With the show running as long as it has, you need to have some great cast. The cast get along well and consider themselves family. You can feel

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