The Consequences of Continued Use of Nuclear Power Plants in the USA

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The Consequences of Continued Use of Nuclear Power Plants in the USA
According to the most conservative estimates, century energy consumption will double in the world by the middle of the 21th century (Beretta). It will happen as a result of the population growth and other geopolitical and economic factors. Thus, the electricity will be required in order to receive a sustainable development of fuel - hydrogen, and provide people with fresh water. Despite the recent tragic events in Japan and a splash of public distrust to the “peaceful atom”, nuclear power continues to be one of the most promising areas. Demand for electricity, which is growing along with the development of the world economy, requires the construction of new …show more content…

9). Usually receiving the nuclear energy requires a nuclear chain reaction of nuclear fission of uranium-235 or plutonium. Kernels start dividing after hit by a neutron. It provides new neutrons and fission-fragments. Neutrons and fission-fragments have a high kinetic energy. Because of collisions with other atoms fragments, the kinetic energy transforms into heat. Nuclear fusion is another way to release nuclear energy. Two nuclei of light elements combine in one grave. Such processes occur on the Sun. Many atomic nuclei are unstable. Over time, some of these nuclei spontaneously convert into other nuclei, releasing energy. This phenomenon is called a radioactive decay. Nuclear energy is produced in nuclear power plants, used in nuclear-powered icebreakers and nuclear submarines. The United States is running a program for developing nuclear engine for spacecraft. Nuclear energetics is an energy sector, which is engaged in the production of electricity and heat by converting nuclear energy.
Factors of the Development of Nuclear Energy
The first industrial nuclear power plant with capacity of 5 MW was put into operation in the USSR (the city of Obninsk) in 1954 (World Energy Council 7). Advanced industrial countries began to design and build nuclear power plants with reactors of different types. By 1964, the total capacity of nuclear power plants rose to 5 million kW in the world.

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