The Constitution : A Powerful Movement Throughout The American History Essay

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There is a major divide between two political parties, that has shaped the modern government today. One fights for a strong central government while the other wants a small central government and strong military. These two differences in ideals have always been a powerful movement throughout the American history. Even as the Constitution was ratified on the 21st of June in 1788, federalists, and antifederalists fought against the opponent’s ideals. One side wanted the new country to have a strong centralized government (federalists), and the other side (antifederalists) believed in a smaller central government, and state sovereignty. Many states didn’t ratify the Constitution unless a “Bill of Rights” was added guaranteeing unalienable rights the new federal government cannot take away. Two documents that were written during the time of the ratification of the Constitution: The Federalist Papers: No 45 , and Farewell Address provide a basis of ideals that the new republic had to face. One provides new advantages that the new Constitution provides, and the other addresses potential threats that may arise in the latter future. These products show the radical ideas adopted from the enlightenment era, being put in place as the experiment of the United States. No other country, at this time has tried to put these in place, or allowed their people to have any liberties such as the Americans had. The documents share the issues that the new government would ensue, and how it

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