The Constitution of the Philippines

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The Constitution of the Philippines (Filipino: Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas), Popularly known as the 1987 Constitution, is the constitution or the supreme law of the Republic of the Philippines. It was enacted in 1987, during the administration of President Corazon C. Aquino.[1] Philippine constitutional law experts recognize three other previous constitutions as having effectively governed the country — the 1935Commonwealth Constitution, the 1973 Constitution, and the 1986 Freedom Constitution.[2][3] Two further constitutions were drafted and adopted during two short-lived war-time governments, by the revolutionary forces during the Philippine Revolution with Emilio Aguinaldo as President and by the occupation forces during the Japanese …show more content…

Article II - Declaration of Principles and State Policies Sets down basic social and political creed of the country. particularly the implementation of the constitution, Set forth the objectives of the government, provide the interpretation of specific provisions of the fundamental law and help court in its decisions. Some of its provisions are Philippines is a Democratic and Republican State (Section 1) Renunciation of War (Section 2) Supremacy of Civilian Authority (Section 3) Services to be rendered by the Citizens (Section 4) Separation of Church and State (Section 6) Independent Philippine Foreign Policy (Section 7) Freedom from Nuclear Weapon (Section 8) Just and Dynamic Social order and Social Justice (Section 9 and 10) Family as the Basic Autonomous Unit (Section 12) Role of the Youth and Women in Nation-Building (Section 13 and 14) The affirmation of labor "as a primary social economic force" (Section 14) Article III - Bill of Rights Enumerates the specific protections against State power. Many of these guarantees are similar to those provided in the American constitution and other democratic

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