The Constitutional Convention Of The Constitution Essay

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In the summer of 1787, the Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia to create a new government as the one under the Articles of Confederation had failed them. When drafting the Constitution, the framers wanted a Constitution that would favor freedom over equality. A way to interpret the meaning of equality in the context of the Constitution is to see how democratic the Constitution was. The United States Constitution today has been amended many times to give more democratic aspects to the federal government, but this the exact opposite that many of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention thought the federal government should be. The Preamble of the Constitution even says that they sought to establish a Constitution that would “secure the Blessing of Liberty” (P). The framers feared that a more democratic government would allow for the people to get too strong, so instead they favored a more republican government. One is able to see how republican of a system of government the framers sought after by examining how Congressmen and Senators are chosen and who was qualified to vote for them. The Constitution heavily favored freedom over equality because the framers purposefully designed it to favor a representative government, and the design of the U.S. Congress prevented the people from gaining too much influence in the affairs of the federal government.
The framers of the Constitution wanted to shift to a representative government because they witnessed with the

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