The Constitutional Convention Of The United States

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There would never be progress if humans took a step back for every step they took forward. The delegates at the Constitutional Convention encountered this issue when discussing the creation of an independent executive. The nation needed a leader without the risk of reverting back to the tyranny of King George. Without it, they feared that the natural rights of its citizens would be jeopardized. Despite the possible benefits, there were well-founded fears that this could lead to the destruction of liberty. While the fear that any one person can have control of government was founded on real concerns, the independent executive is necessary to ensure the legislative branch is checked, the military has a commander, and national laws are enforced. Despite some of the benefits an executive would provide to the country, there was plenty of sound opposition. Obviously due to the leadership of King George, many Americans feared another despotic ruler. With the introduction of a sole leader in the American government, some citizens believed that the new executive branch could cause a reproduction of the absolute monarchy they previously rebelled against. They also feared that if such an executive were to be created in the United States, any rebellion could be halted as the executive has control over the military. In Article II, Section II, it states that the President will be Commander-in-Chief for all of the branches of the military when they must be used in the service of the

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