The Constitutional Provisions Of Teachers

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Teachers rights are extremely important to teachers. These rights range from certain freedoms, prohibition against certain forms of discrimination, and significant protections against dismissal (Bieger article). There are a number of ways that these rights are formed. All of these rights are formed from state and federal constitutional provisions, state and federal statutes, and federal regulations. All of these rights are beneficial to the teachers, but can cause controversy as well that may ultimately lead to strikes. Becoming a teacher requires other certifications and laws, that are important to understand and know when becoming a teacher. Constitutional provisions protect teachers at public schools that are not able to teach at private schools. Some of the rights that these teachers obtain are due process rights, which involve a notice of termination and a right to hearing in certain circumstances. They also have freedom of expression and association. Other rights under the constitutional provisions include academic freedom and protection against unreasonable searches and seizures by school officials of a teacher’s personal property. I believe that these are beneficial for a teacher to obtain because they are able to voice their opinion, and be protected at the same time. The teachers’ rights are all derived from The Bill of Rights, First Amendment, and Fourth Amendment, so this was not surprising to me that we have these rights as teachers. Freedom from

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