The Consumption Of Genetically Modified Food Safe

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When your body needs nourishment, there are a lot of signals that travel throughout your body. It starts from your brain which then turns into action to your muscles. Without thinking about it much to satisfy this hunger, you either make the food yourself at home or go out to eat for someone else to make it. We do not necessarily think about where the food we are consuming is coming from or what was the process of production of that food before we actually eat it. With the high demand of human consumption, scientists thought of a way to genetically engineer crops to assist with this demand while at the same time adding more vitamins and minerals to the crops. The question is, is the consumption of genetically modified food safe? There is a huge debate in the food industry on whether these foods have a huge effect on us. There is no statistical proven evidence or facts that genetically modified foods imposes a high risk to humans, animals or the environment.
With the high demand of food supply, created by the people that live in this world, the high yield made possible by pesticide control is very much needed to supply us with affordable food. Also, high crop yields are financially beneficial to the economy. However, we must grasp an understanding on how all this started to keep up with this demand. The industrial food system began in the 1930s beginning with fast food at drive-ins. To keep up with the demand of food needed by consumers, manufacturers needed to
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