The Consumption Of Narcotics Nor Marijuana

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Let me start out by saying that while I do not partake in the consumption of narcotics nor marijuana I have been almost addicted to its research for years. Growing up with a family completely against marijuana in a time when it needed to be so widely made aware of was difficult to say the least. When I was a child I was sick and stuck on prescription pills to aid in my ailments. Now as an adult I have chosen to not take what I do not believe my body to need. I will usually not even take Tylenol for headaches. I have toughed illnesses and injuries out in such natural ways and felt a million times better after rather than after drugging myself up. Pain is a whole other story, I absolutely despise narcotics and the doctors who live by them. Masking pain by putting poison in your body is no solution and should not be seen as one. While I can understand the use in hospitals for emergency and trauma, personal pain management at home with pills and narcotics only sets you up for awful side effects that they combat with even more pills that give you even more side effects. One being a loss of appetite which has been known to correct itself with the appropriate use of medical marijuana. Before you know it, you are taking over 6 different medications one to two times a day finding yourself addicted somewhere in the middle. America is an embarrassing country for so many reasons, narcotic addiction being one of the biggest. Legalizing medical and recreational marijuana is on the fast…
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