The Contrasting Roles of Historians and Scientists Essay

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Historians utilize primary sources to reconstruct events that have previously occurred in order to create a clearer image of the past. In opposition, human scientists investigate varying aspects of human activity to reveal discoveries that are meant to bring significant changes to the future. This is presented in the assertion that “The historian’s task is to understand the past; the human scientist, by contrast, is looking to change the future.” This appears to be false considering that both the historian and the human scientist require a satisfactory comprehension of past events, as their roles necessitate a desire to change the future. The respective areas of knowledge of the historian and human scientist express this through the lens …show more content…

The false assertion claims that historians solely work to determine an understanding of the past. The historian’s role is defined with a dictation of understanding the past; however their study of the past is through today’s lens. Thus, they are writing in hindsight. A knowledge issue is present with the “fallible” eyewitnesses in primary sources which cannot be entirely accepted as the truth due to flexible interpretations. History, a reconstruction of events, is viewed from a modern standpoint allowing the historian to produce secondary sources using primary sources as a basis. These sources suggest that those who control the past also control the future expressing the need for historians to look at evidence in terms of the future. Furthermore, historical interpretations are inevitably bonded with a sense of personal value as historians fail to simply regurgitate prior knowledgebut rather use it as a creative endeavor combining evidence with imagination. This leads to the derivation of a unique conclusion in retelling events of the past. Although, it can be argued that the historian’s purpose is to eliminate issues such as bias and empathy. However, this proves to be impossible as they inevitably include a sense of empiricism.
Trends of the past are evident in history. History is not necessarily proven to repeat itself yet a considerable amount of information suggests this. This information can be analyzed in

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