Silas Deane Research Paper

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History is often said to be “what has happened in the past,” and a historian’s job is to bring that information back, without distorting it. This undistorted passing of history is often times may not always be achieved, and the story of the death of Silas Deane is a great example of that The formerly known story was one of rags to riches, and back to rags. He was born to a humble blacksmith, who had high aspirations for his son, and sent him off to Yale, where he studied law. He opened his own practice and was very successful. Not satisfied, he entered into the world of politics, working his way up the ladder, eventually becoming a delegate to the first and second Continental Congresses, drawing the attention of leaders. He was then sent to France as the American representative of the colonies, later joined by Benjamin Franklin and Arthur Lee. He was described as “ambitious” and “someone to be watched,” even accused of using his position in government for personal profit. Further controversy forced him out of France, America, and England, ending up in Flanders. He lived there until the controversy died down some and then moved to England, where he lived in obscurity, resorting to drinking, and living in the house of a prostitute. His one loyal friend, Edward Bancroft, provided financial support for him. When he thought the coast was clear to move back, he set sail for America aboard the Boston Packet out of London. On its way, a storm came, blowing out both of the ships anchors, and it changed course for…show more content…
Not all is known and the facts passed down may not reveal the whole truth. History is biased and can easily be manipulated by those with more power, and it is a modern historian’s job to weed through the commonly accepted information, and try to find the truth. If the truth is not found, then they present alternative theories to broaden the world’s knowledge on the possible course of events in the
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