The Controversial Developments Of Genetic Engineering

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Technology is advancing at a rate today that would leave people from as recently as one decade ago in awe. Among the groundbreaking developments is genetic engineering, which is when scientists modify the genetic makeup of an organism, whether it be altering an animal, plant, or other living thing. Genetic engineering can do many wondrous things for today’s society, such as make crops grow in more adverse conditions, and rid humans of certain malformations and medical conditions. According to Sam VanOrman, another modification that should be added to that list is genetically modified mosquitos; however, I respectfully disagree. VanOrman employs several high-quality reasons as to why mosquitos should be released into the wild, the first of which is that all genetically modified organisms “should be considered individually, rather than as a whole,” and that each case should be looked at with all of its variables. To look at them as a whole would, quite simply, be silly. Every situation with genetic modification in differing organisms needs to be examined because each organism has a different role, and therefore a different impact on the environment, as would the modification. His second reason is that “Mosquitoes and the reasons behind the genetic modification of the organisms are much more beneficial than harmful,” and backs this up with facts listed on the infographic, such as the fact that it could rid the world of mosquitoes as a whole, as well as three very deadly

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