Essay on The Controversial Issue of Job-Outsourcing

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With the United States’ economy in a depression and our unemployment rate skyrocketing to record highs, job-outsourcing has moved to the top of the list of controversial issues. Froma Harrop’s essay New Threat to Skilled U.S. Workers and Thomas Friedman’s essay 30 Little Turtles discuss two different viewpoints of job-outsourcing, and their effects on society. Does our government really want to cut back on job-outsourcing, and what can society do to help the issue? Friedman’s standpoint on job-outsourcing shows how it is emotionally beneficial to other countries and Harrop’s factual standpoint shows job-outsourcing regulation, however, I feel that our citizens are unaware of the opportunities and our government is eager to send the jobs …show more content…

By adding her own knowledge and ideas, she makes the essay very complex. Continuing on in the essay Harrop brings in another source, professor of public policy Ron Hira. She shares Hira’s research results which show that the top applicants for H-1B visas are outsourcing companies. The companies send worker to the United States to train and work before going back home to improve the companies they work for. Harrop continues to use quotes from Hira along with adding her knowledge about how job-outsourcing affects the wages of American workers. The very last sentence in Harrop’s essay warns future workers about the rising issue. This is a very strategic move as a last chance to engrave the message in the reader’s mind. Harrop’s facts and uses of other sources help the readers immensely as they are trying to understand the issue. This essay was easy to understand and well written. Thomas Friedman has taken a very different approach when trying to grab his audience’s attention. 30 Little Turtles, by Thomas Friedman is emotional essay that appeals to pathos. Friedman tries to persuade people into seeing the positive effects of job-outsourcing on the young adults of India. Friedman wants those who oppose to job-outsourcing to understand how it would be beneficial to others. He begins the essay with an in-depth description of his emotion as he read an accent neutralization poem to a group of Indian trainees. He also says that he enjoys

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