The Controversy Of Vaccination Of Vaccinations

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My topic will be about the controversy of vaccinations. I am going to research its usage, the effect on your body, advantages and disadvantages. I am also interested in the reasons behind not getting vaccinations for your children, even when the parents could be willingly risking their child’s health and other children’s health. Furthermore, I wonder how doctors and professors view vaccinations and if they believe vaccinating your children is mandatory. The reason why I chose this topic is because recently, I watched an episode of Private Practice where a parent objected her child to be vaccinated for measles because she believed it caused her other son’s autism. To me, it seemed absurd that anyone thought that vaccinations, a precaution used against viruses, could be causing harm. So, instead of going off a T.V. show to understand vaccinations, I wanted to do in-depth research on it and become well-informed on this topic. My knowledge of vaccinations is very limited- I only know the basics. I know that you are required to be vaccinated to enter a St. Louis public school. In some way, it is mandatory for parents to vaccinate their children when the only school they can afford and get their child into is a SLPS. From what I recall of last year’s science class, vaccines contain the same germ cells that enter your body when getting sick. The only difference is that the vaccines have weakened or dead cells that enter your body. The point of this is for your immune system to
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