The Conventions Of The Republican National Convention 2016

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2016 saw the Republican National Convention July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio and one week later July 25-28, the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA. These conventions both had the fanfare of National Conventions of old and the added benefit of an economic increase to the local business and tourism industries in each of the areas. The venue also brought continued animosity, a media frenzy, protests. and boycotts that escalated on the road to each convention, continued through to the election and persisted to fulminate following the inauguration. There are a variety of factors that made the 2016 election path and conventions sui generis. The most salient thread for both sides was the deep rooted and incessant unpopularity of both…show more content…
The voter who will eventually continue to shape our country. Why did he not receive the nomination? Money, time, and the Democratic Machine of the party itself. On the other side of the aisle, we had a candidate that everyone either loved him, hated him, or thought “is this a joke?”. The candidate Trump was brash, unfiltered, unrelentless and did something that not many in our history have done. He gathered those with ideological values different from him. He angered or placed hope in the minds of voters that desperately needed and wanted a change. The platforms on both sides were similar from the past with the issues and the campaign promises generally being dissected and presented in a format of what the party can and will attempt to give to the public. The party platform is not the highlight of the convention. Generally, the platform is thrown out the window even before the convention begins. In 2012, the platform hit one of the lowest points in convention history. According to Speaker Boehner, “Have you ever met anybody who has read the platform?” (Ceaser, 2016.) The platform is more of a tradition. Platforms will probably not change an election. Platforms are the medium utilized to inform with the goal to strengthen the base. Each issue addressed in a
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