The Core Concept Of Grief And Loss

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The purpose of this journal is to examine the core concept of “Grief and Loss” in a patient that I cared for in a previous clinical. This clinical experience will represent this core concept and identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies that can be modified and incorporated to the nursing process. Consistencies will be researched based on articles, clinical experience, and our textbook. Inconsistencies will be analyzed by using our PICOT research. A summary with explored research will be discussed with options to incorporate into future nursing practice.
The concept “Grief and Loss” best characterizes this clinical experience with my patient. Our textbook defines grief as “the total response to the emotional experience related to loss” and defines loss as “an actual or potential situation in which something that is valued is altered or no longer available” (Pearson , 2012). When an individual experiences a loss they enter into the grieving process. There are many theories of the stages of grief. One theory suggests that a person goes through 5 stages of grief; “denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance” (Pearson , 2012). Grief can be expressed by behavior such as crying or by feelings such as feeling “empty” and grief can also be isolated and kept to oneself. The grieving process differs with each individual and doesn’t necessarily go in a particular order. Katherine C. Nordal mentions in her article, Grief: Coping with the Loss of Your Loved One, “There…

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