The Core Layers Of Defense

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Internet of Things is a new technology that delivers communication among billions of smart devices via the Internet such as smart car, vending machine, smart house, health system and business system, etc. Nearly 50 billion devises and sensors will be connected to the Internet by 2020 and most of them will perform their duties without having security. In addition, the critical mission of a massive interconnected devices are security and interoperability. Hackers will use more complex tools and techniques to breach the network system. Hence, companies should establish strong security countermeasures and the best approach to provide superlative is security by deploying multilayer security method which is called defense in depth. Defense in depth is considered as a vital part for securing the Internet of Things because defense in depth eludes a system from facing single point of failure. This paper discusses the seven core layers of defense in depth approaches which are policy, procedures and awareness, application security, data security, physical security, host and server security, network and perimeter security, and wireless security. The first layer of defense in depth are policy, procedures and awareness, which are the most important parts of the defense in depth. The first part is policy, policy is a set of rules and principles which are written to govern all organization areas in order to secure the assets. Policy should clearly and accurately determine all of the

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