The Internet of Things Allows Interaction between the Real and Logical World

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The Internet of Things is a vision of a global network that connects various physical world objects to the IT infrastructure. This vision has been inspired by the success made in emerging technologies such as Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID), wireless sensor networks, and mobile communication. The realisation of such a global object network will allow seamless interaction and cooperation between the real and logical world.

Many of the IoT applications will include monitoring devices reporting on different aspects of the system being monitored. For instance, many buildings and offices include occupancy, and temperature sensors. Vehicles could be equipped with monitoring devices reporting on locations, fuel consumption, etc. However, current IoT applications are domain specific, with no wider vision for reusing the data generated by devices in other applications or sharing them with other users in other domains. The Internet of Things is lacking a well-defined architecture that could help create a competitive marketplace of applications and solutions without locking any users into using a monolithic stack from a single solution provider.

In this context, this project focuses on designing an open ICT platform to enable the convergence of IoT applications, by exploring two core theme: Smart Homes and E-Health. This choice is based on the popularity of these themes within the scientific and industrial community at the moment. As such, we believe that the proposed

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