Survey Of Security On Internet Of Things ( Iot ) Essay

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Survey of Security in Internet Of Things(IoT)
Jacquelyn Rapose
School of Computing
Clemson University
Clemson, USA Abstract— The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that has transformed our daily lives because of its distributed and ubiquitous nature. Security and privacy issues exist with the use of the IoT and must be addressed.
In this paper, I discuss some of the security challenges that the IoT architecture has to address. I also compare the challenges that were inherited from the technologies related to the internet and those that appear in IoT from present networks.
Keywords— IoT, security, solution.
The Internet of Things is an infrastructure that connects physical devices/objects to the internet and not just computer devices, making it possible for a user to have remote access or control over that object. IoT has the following three categories of objects-
1. General objects having communication or processing capabilities embedded in them, for e.g. smartphones.
2. Sensing and actuating objects that collect information about their environment and manipulate it through remote access.
3. Data capturing and Data carrying objects that use technologies like NFC to communicate. [1]
The ubiquitous nature of the Internet of Things provides many benefits, however, the security and privacy problems related with it has to be tackled. The distributed nature of technologies that IoT relies on is prone to many security and privacy

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