The Cornerstone Of America 's Political System

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The cornerstone of America’s political system is the right for citizens to elect their representatives and heads of state through voting. The participation of citizens in America’s political landscape is what has kept the United States strong for the past two hundred and thirty-eight years. Over the decades, voting has adapted and conformed to times. New political and social ideologies have allowed different ethnics to participate in the electoral process. The idea of one person equaling one vote, regardless of skin color or religious background, has changed the political community. Though, there are still those who want to pervert the system. Every election, names of the deceased are used by an individual to vote multiple times for …show more content…

While today every citizen above the age of eighteen may participate in the voting process; that was not the case when this country was founded. Under the constant bombardment of modern criticism was the lack of enfranchisement of those other than white men. The reason for this belief within our founding fathers comes from Aristotle who said “that citizens must be knowledgeable for [a democracy] to function well.” (Hochschild) However, as time progressed education and the number of students increased. Eventually, states began to feel that their citizens were educated enough not to require literacy tests at the poll booths. The federal government soon began to allow other ethnic groups and genders to vote such as former slaves, Native Americans, and women. By 1965, compulsory school attendance was enacted in all fifty states. Furthermore, with all of the nation having received an education; congress approves the Voting Rights Act, which “eliminates voting barriers such as literacy tests.” (US Voting Rights) Since 1965, all US citizens over the age of eighteen have been able to participate in the electoral process. Today, the right for every individual to vote - regardless of religious background, or gender, or ethnic, or color of skin - are guaranteed. With this, all citizens are able to cast their vote and change the country.
While it is often said that one vote makes a difference, much of the public has no idea the truth behind this maxim. It is well

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