The Corrupted Model Of Society InFrankenstein, By Mary Shelley

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In a world full of different cultures and people, those who are different from the projected model of society are the ones who are rejected. Those who are different from what is perceived as normal, are isolated from cultures and societies. Those who refer to themselves as normal, reject anything that does not match the accustomed image that society has painted. Throughout history societies have revealed their corrupted moral values when dispelling different people from the bland model of their society. In the novel , Frankenstein, author Mary Shelley uses different alienated characters to show how society pushes away those who do not fit into society’s model of beauty of perfection and the negative outcomes that occur as a result.
In the novel, Frankenstein, author Mary Shelley demonstrates how society rejects those categorized into a lower wealth and poor social class. Using Victor’s descriptions of his family members, Shelley utilizes the character Elizabeth to introduce how society gravitates towards beautifully perceived characteristics. Among multiple infants, Elizabeth was chosen for adoption because she was “one which attracted [Victor’s] mother far above all the rest”(Shelley 20). Elizabeth was handpicked for a wealthier and easier life out of a group of starving infants. The characteristic that caused this adoption was none other than the beauty and attraction immediately noticeable on Elizabeth. Shelley uses Elizabeth’s adoption to depict the Frankenstein family

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