The Cost Of College Tuition

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The cost of college tuition is increasing exponentially ever year. Students have to pay for a number of things besides the tuition for inference books, dorms, fees, tutor, etc on top of their everyday living expenses. At this rate college tuition will be far beyond the reach for the average person. The inflation raises numerous of questions. If the recession is not getting better why do schools continue to increase tuition? What can be done so that the college tuition won’t be so far out of reach that the average person won’t get no higher education than a high school diploma. In 1971 college tuition in Harvard increased for a second year in a row from $200-2,600 for the very first time in twenty-one years, which all the while was 13 weeks’ worth of the median household’s annual income. During that time there were 5.3 million people enrolled in a two-year college, 10.5 million enrolled in a four-year college, and 3.7 graduates. Since then annual enrollment in 2013 in the United States increased to about 19.5 million. Unlike the median in 1971 which was 13 weeks’ worth the current the median is a years’ worth. As a result, $100 billion is borrowed in private and public-funding loans. “We’re essentially running a higher-education system here that is not sustainable. It’s kind of a runaway train.,” director of the center of education and the workforce at Georgetown university, Anthony Carnevale voice his opinion. We’re in a recession therefore people are turning towards

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