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Costly College Costs College tuition is an expensive entity to pay for and not many people have the luxury of having college being completely paid for, however, so many people that have previous experience like teachers, counselors, and parents, want students to pursue this expensive entity so their future is brighter. Why is being a college student becoming a luxury that fewer people can afford and attend to? Factors like the actual cost for college tuition, costs for higher education, the working class and their difficulties of paying for other things in addition to tuition, proposals from our government, and tuition remission, is when we begin to see how big of a problem tuition costs actually are. School is an important opportunity that I have taken like many of my teachers, parents, and government have told me to take, but I still struggle paying for it; if school is a value that people should be taking advantage of, tuition needs to be more affordable in order to do so.
College tuition costs more than health care, housing, and transportation; it has even risen past the inflation rate. Supposedly college should make life a little bit easier because it educates a person enough to obtain a higher paying job, this gives them the ability to support themselves. However, if tuition has risen above the everyday things that we use to get around, every day necessities to have a stable life, and the inflation rate, then it is an obvious problem that should be addressed. If this

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