The Cost Of Fossil Fuels

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Energy Policy

Sheldon Fogle

Telescope to Microscope

April 22, 2015

Global Crisis
Our species as a whole is very successful in many advancements such as technology, in society all together, and just overall in life but, currently we are failing our environment. Since our world is an immense place that consumes so much energy our demand is high. The ultimate goal is to no longer rely on nonrenewable energy sources, which we so strongly rely on today. Baby Steps are being taken but it is not enough.

Advantages/ Disadvantages of Fossil fuels There are many advantages of fossil fuels. For one, it is highly efficient. Fossil fuels have a high calorific value and produce an abundance of energy. Also, Fossil fuels …show more content…

Regarding total energy demand, the share of fossil-fuel derived energy is around 80%. The remainder is supplied by nuclear and renewable energy of around 20% (Rahim, M., Yoshino, J., & Yasuda, T. (2012, September 1). Each energy source has their own disadvantages. The largest disadvantage is the nuclear energy source. This is potentially the most dangerous since it needs to have constant monitoring, and is very harmful to life. Another disadvantages of the most alternative energy sources are that they are not as efficient as fossil fuels and they could never satisfy our needs.

Environmental, Political, and Economic Impact
It’s no secret that money runs the world, everything has a significant value behind it. Each energy alternative is expensive and on a global level it can disrupt things that we need more. There is also a great deal of money left to be made in the oil industry. Once the policy is put in place the economy would maybe take a small hit because each energy source is expensive. The economy would eventually grow in future years while the earth is becoming more of a healthy place to live. These energy sources will be able to create jobs from building the wind farms and turbines to building nuclear power plants.
Policy Implementation
This Policy would combine the renewable resources this abundant earth has to offer to solve our energy crisis. My policy plan would to gradually move towards the renewable

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