The Cost Of Healthcare : An Unsettling Factor For Much Of The World

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Introduction The cost of healthcare is an unsettling factor for much of the world. The United States is known to have one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world. Many people assume that the high cost of healthcare relates to the quality of care that we receive for the care. The Have a Heart video about bringing affordable healthcare to areas in dire need of experienced doctors and lifesaving treatments to an underserved population was pretty eye opening. I found it very interesting to view; how a drive to create a sustainable system with one goal of saving human lives at the lowest cost possible has been able to thrive in India and now the Cayman Islands. Summary The Have a Heart video, explained the creating of Narayana …show more content…

An important recurring idea brought forth from the video was heartfelt, “If a solution is not affordable, then it is not a solution.” (From the Heart, 2015). By utilizing decision making supported by technology, Narayana Healthcare hopes to get more price saving processes in place (From the Heart, 2015). The success in India brought Narayana Healthcare to the Cayman Islands, where they were able to build a new hospital for the fraction of most health systems. The Cayman Islands concept is much like the Indian system, finding a sustainable system that combines the best parts of the Canadian, United Kingdom, and the United States healthcare systems into a useful patient system that is affordable (From the Heart, 2015). The Cayman Islands system may not be able to handle all surgeries at this time, but the hospital has room to grow, banking on the possibility of people from the United States using cheaper health care (From the Heart, 2015). The part that sets this healthcare facility from many others is the idea that you have one flat rate, you are able to pay your bill and you are done. Narayana is constantly working to become more efficient as they try to create a culture of affordability, which all employees understand is the grand vision and where they fit in (From the Heart, 2015). The surgeons and founding members pride themselves on the fact that one operation on a child can cure them for life, and they have been able to

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