The Cost Of Higher Education

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The cost of higher education is constantly rising and does not look to be stopping anytime soon. However, many individuals are concerned about the increasing cost and have little understanding as to why these costs are increasing despite the increasing revenue stream of many colleges and universities. Additionally, taking in consideration the current cost compared to the past 5 to 10 years is very important when addressing this issue. As the cost of a college degree increases it is becoming harder and harder for the average American family to afford going to college. There are several things to be considered and discussed in this paper including; why is a college education important? What factors have been driving the large rise in tuition…show more content…
The question of whether colleges are adequately preparing students for life and careers outside of college is one we have yet to answer. One answer I have come to on my own is that the biggest growth as far as job opportunities may be in the field of education, because we will need more schools to educate more people thus professors and instructors may see an increase in demand in the same way institutions of higher education have seen an increased demand. Looking at this issue critically is important in finding a possible solution, firstly accurately defining the issue as it relates to public and private 2 year and 4 year colleges. It is important to note that there has been an increase in cost for all of these types of institutions, thus they must all be equally addressed. Additionally, a subject I have chosen not to include in this paper is the consequence of the increasing price on students and prospective student as this is something that will discussed throughout the analysis of the other areas I previously mentioned. Namely, online education and “blended” courses may offer viable solutions to increase the productivity of professors and increase total enrollment at institutions. (?) However, the real issue is the costs as institutions are currently increasing enrollment both in in two year and four intuitions yet the continuously increase tuition, fees, as well as room and board.
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