The Costs And Benefits Of Financial Advice Essay

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• The Costs and Benefits of Financial Advice by Stephen Foerster, Juhani Linnainmaa, Brian Melzer, Alessandro Previtero. This thesis assesses the value that financial advisors provide to clients using a unique panel datasheet on the Canadian financial advisory industry. Findings of this thesis are that advisors influence towards investors trading choices, but they do not add value through their investment recommendations when judged by relative to passive investment benchmarks. • Financial Advisory Business – How to transform it to the next level By team FPSB India (Financial Planning Standards Board India) This study talks about current scenario of the financial advisory industry of India, in which growth of the financial intermediaries, scope and facing challenges of the industry is well defined. • The research paper on “A Study on Individuals Investors Behavior in Stock Markets of India” by Rakesh HM aims to understand the behavior of individual investor in stock market, specifically their attitude and perception with respect to the stock market. A survey is conducted to collect data relating to the above subject. Respondents were classified into different categories like income, profession, education status, sex and age. The main objective of the research was to study the factors affection the different types of investors. • A report on “Financial Planners in the Growing Economy like India” by The Indian Institute of Planning and Management, New Delhi gives broad

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