The Count Of Monte Cristo Analysis

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The Secret Life of Edmond Dantès The Count of Monte Cristo written by Alexandre Dumas, is an adventurous novel where revenge is being seeked, due to a great injustice done to the main character, Edmond Dantès. Right as his whole life got on track and he is preparing to marry the love of his life named Mercédès, Edmond Dantès is betrayed by four people who falsely accuse him of being a bonapartist and is sentenced to life in prison. After fourteen long years of suffering, he manages to escape prison, and is now determined to get revenge on the four men who caused his agony. Transformed into someone completely different, and extremely rich, Edmond Dantès, now goes by the name of Monte Cristo.
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He later breaks into The Count of Monte Cristo’s house and is stabbed by Andrea Cavalcanti, and then dies after the Count reveals his true identity.
The third person that Edmond Dantès gets revenge on is the man who married his supposed to be wife, Mercédès, and mailed the letter accusing Dantès of being a bonapartist; named Fernand Mondego. Fernand loves his family, so Dantès decides to kill his son, Albert in a duel. When word spread to Albert's mother, Mercédès, she comes to Dantès begging him to spare his life, and kill her instead which makes him feel bad, so he changes his decision, and decides not to kill anyone. “How stupid I was,” he said to himself, “not to have torn my heart out the day I chose to avenge myself”(315). Instead, Dantès informs his wife and son that Fernand is a traitor, and they abandon him and his wealth. “He rushed to his bedroom to catch one last glimpse of all that he had loved on earth, but the carriage went past without either of their heads appearing at the window to take a farewell glance at the lonely house, or the forsaken husband and father”(328).
The fourth, and final person that Edmond Dantès gets revenge on was the judge that sentenced him to life in prison, named Gérard de Villefort. Dantès learns that Villefort buried a newborn baby alive in his garden and slowly begins to use that against him as revenge. The baby was rescued by one of Monte Cristo’s

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