The Country Of Saudi Arabia And United States Women

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It is unbelievable how traditions, religions, and rules can make two women different in their lifestyles. That is the case between the country of Saudi Arabia and United States women. Saudi Arabia is a country located in the continent of Asia, in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is considered, as one of the strictest countries in terms of religion. Its makes its citizens, especially women, live in a capture, were women have special rules and traditions to follow, that make them so different, from the women that live in the US. . The different situations that women face in Saudi are considered for many, uncomfortable, a problem and an expression of machismo for men, which is eliciting many protests and revelation against the rules in Saudi, …show more content…

The dress code for women is governed by a strict interpretation of Islamic law and is enforced to varying degrees across the country” (Copyright The Week, p. 3). This means, that women cannot use clothes that catch the attention of any men or even wear a catching makeup. Totally the opposite in the US, were women have the right to choose their style about how to dress, if they want to hook the attention around them, or if they want to show their beauty or not, depending on the own beliefs, no in others people thoughts. Women in the USA do not have any rules about dressed and less there is not religions police. America is a country multicultural, and embrace all the types of thinking and different religions, were women have the right to choose in what religion she wants to be part of based on her own decisions. However, sometimes women are catalogued for the way of dressing in the US, but nobody can argue you, reproach you or set at you a rule about how you have to apparel.
Furthermore, another factor in Saudi Arabia that make women feel like an items of men, and lack in a captivity, is the system “Male Guardianship” this system applies to all women, no matter what age they have. As the Web site called Human Rights Watch and MENA Middle East and North Africa Division, both institutions are based to support the human rights around the world, indicate in their report about women under

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