The Court System Is Not Perfect

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Our US court system is not perfect, it is like a mirror that has some scratches on the surface. With some hard work and the right tools, the mirror can be fixed. Jennifer Murphy and Adam Benforado talk about how our court system is flawed. Murphy talks about drug courts and how they are affecting our court system. Benforado talks about the individuals involved in the courtroom and how their mistakes flaw the court system. Though both Jennifer Murphy and Adam Benforado do talk about ways to fix the systems too. First Unfair, when reading this book, Benforado blames the people for the system being flawed. When talking about dishonesty “…when our actions are at odds with our positive self-image: (we) trick ourselves into thinking we’re not …show more content…

It does not take still photos of people or things. “..erroneous eyewitness identifications are one of the leading causes of wrongful convictions. Of the first 250 DNA exonerations in the United States, 190 of them appear to have involved mistaken identifications” (Benforado 113). As humans, our ethics is to be honest, but sometimes our brain can get confused and we start to mix up what we really saw and what our brain is just filling in from past experiences to create a full story. “Presented with new information about an event, we may readily incorporate it into what we remember. We can even remember things that we never experienced or saw” (Benforado 117).
He also wants to separate the public from being courtroom actors and leave it up to the professionals and experts. He thinks by removing the jury, you remove the bias and prejudice of selecting a jury in your favor. “Research suggest that most judges and potential jurors place too much faith in witnesses’ memories. And they are often oblivious to the things that can reduce accuracy and reliability, which makes them bad at determining how much weight to give to, say, a particular eyewitness identification” (Benforado 127). Benforado wants to take the public out of the courtroom because of their lack of knowledge. But not only their lack of knowledge, but both counsel having peremptory challenges. “N. the right of the plaintiff and the defendant in a jury trial to have a juror dismissed before trial

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