The Creation Of A Homeland Intelligence Organization

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Throughout Intelligence Community’s history, there has been multiple attempts to input reform measures into various agencies. Often met with pushback, the reform attempts typically fail or are weak in merit. Being unaccepting of reform and showing little adaptation towards newer strategies and technological advancements, the IC was caught unprepared to thwart the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon. Some governmental reports, those that have assessed the IC’s actions regarding the devastating attack, have noted that greater cooperative efforts between various agencies may have halted the terrorist attack. The creation of a Homeland Intelligence Organization could be the start of implementation of a reform to bring the IC closer together. With a newer organization, like the Department of Homeland Intelligence, a new hierarchical structure could be assembled to enable cooperation efforts between various IC agencies. Today, 15 of the 16 IC agencies lie under five executive branches aiding in the segregation of the agencies from one another (Zegart 2007). Bringing the intelligence agencies closer together may assist in easier dissemination of information. Indeed, intelligence agencies have fought to hold on to valued information or have been in competition with other agencies. Bringing the IC under one command, with an established chain of command, would help reduce competition efforts amongst agencies thereby boosting cooperation

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