The Creation Of Online Networking

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Many groups around the world hold similar opinions; have similar likings and link to each other in different ways, although without certain assistance it becomes impossible for these people to connect. The creation of online networking becomes a forum where individuals can meet others who have similar or conflicting opinions, where you can learn, and teach, gain and lose; it initially allows for individuals to interact with one another from around the world for whatever purpose. This essay will examine how large social networks, specifically focusing on Bunz, work to connect and create communities across the city by which people of both parties can benefit from the trade. This will be analyzed through first, examining the …show more content…

Personal Experience with Bunz Initially the idea of going out and trading something with a random stranger from somewhere in Toronto seemed a bit questionable to me, although once joining the application Bunz and seeing what people had to offer, it seemed like a win-win situation. To be able to trade something from my home that I did not need and receiving something of use seemed farfetched before taking a look at how easy and accessible Bunz was. In total I made two trades, the first trade I conducted was that of a branded sweater for a wool scarf. The initial costs for both items were a bit different; the sweater I traded cost about $20 more than the scarf. The second trade was of my set of Lord of The Rings books, for a single fantasy book.

Impression Management Goffman devised the idea that when in case of an interaction, individuals are social actors who put up performances, projecting specific identities of themselves, usually aiming for the approval of others (Karp et. al., 2016). In the case of my interactions with fellow Bunz users, following social norms, I messaged the traders and presented my offer trying to present my best face (Karp et. al., 2016), so we could come up with a beneficial trade, these interactions corresponded with Goffman’s dramaturgical view. The dramaturgical view states that individuals systematically control the information they provide to others about themselves

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