The Creation of Gods

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Mythology is stories that can bring that hero look to kids or even adults. The story of the gods, even the leader or the strongest god has a weakness, also every god has a father and a mother that created them. Nobody, knows how they were created, but that is why this essay, or story was created. Zeus was born by the titans Cronus and Rhea. Cronus was evilly known for being a very jealous and greedy person. Cronus feared that one of his children could take his crown and throne, Cronus had eaten every child born Rhea was giving birth to. However, Rhea gave birth to her last boy, Zeus. Rhea managed to trick Cronus with the help of Uranus and Gaea. She put together a fake baby with a rock in a pile of clothes to swallow, and sent Zeus away to the Greek island of Crete. Curetes a special demon made noise by hitting his shields, so that Cronus would to not hear the crying baby.
Zeus was raised secretly by Nymphs and was fed with honey and milk from the goat women Amaltheia with the help of her broken horn. When Zeus was old enough to claim the Kingdom of the World and he started a war against Cronus and the Titans. First, Zeus managed to rescue his older brothers and sisters from his father's stomach by giving him a special medicine and making him throw up his children. ("Greek Mythology.").

In a similar way, the Norse god Odin was created also by very powerful…
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