The Crime Of White Collar Crimes

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An Individual that is in prison is a criminal no matter what type of crime he or she may have committed. There are no boundaries regarding, race, sex nor a social status in crimes. All crimes are the same no matter what type of crime it may be. Most women that are incarcerated are either from middle or lower class families of society. However, no matter what type of crime has been committed, it is the decision of that individual to obtain an education or the ability to learn while incarcerated. Furthermore, reality remains that the extent of comprehension and the degree of information of white collar crimes are being more muddled through the prison system requires some sort of vocational training. This does not imply that a women or a man…show more content…
The vocational training programs are only to motivate them and help them to better themselves upon exiting. The second stage is the motivational stage for educating and learning which will withdraw them from contemplations of their isolation and find social developments and social reality. Once they have developed and acknowledged these stages they would consequently start to have a change of purpose of perspectives and suppositions of themselves. They will learn and motivate themselves to take in more and to achieve.
Several studies found that female prisoners are offered fewer vocational and education program opportunities when compared to those offered in male institutions. However, women that have been in prison lack training needed to obtain jobs that pay a good living wage once they are released. One aspect of this inadequacy is that, like the training offered in the reformatories of the early 1990s; many vocational programs for female inmates emphasize traditional roles for women and work. The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees that people who are similarly situated are treated equally. In order to be “‘similarly situated,’ groups need not be identical in makeup, they need only share commonalities that merit similar treatment. A disputable issue in the criminal equity field is regardless of whether vocational training
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