The Crimean War And Its Lack Of Modernization

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The Crimean War was the war between Great Britain, French, and along with some other countries against Russia. While Russia led by Nicholas I, entered to the Crimean War to defend Orthodox Christian within the autocrat empire; French entered this war because they promoted the Catholics Christian; Great Britain wanted to maintain the autocrat empire and maintain power (Aksakov and Danielevsky, 378-389). It was an absolute humiliating when Russia defeated the war. The Russian military was outplayed because the British had much more sophisticated weapons, technology, and supply line (Riasanovsky and Steinberg, 366). Many liberal, conservative, and Russian people believed that the defeat of Russia in the Crimean War was evidence of Russia 's economy and material backwardness and fallen behind many European nations (lecture, 10/19). This led to the “forces of modernization”.
Defeat in the Crimean War made Russia’s lack of modernization clear. The first step toward modernization was the emancipation of serfdom. Soon after the war end Nicholas I came to end of his life. Alexander II was on the throne and the Great Reform period of Russia began. He first issued the emancipation manifesto in 1861. Alexander II “took steps to improve the condition of the peasantry. But these steps were only partly successful, depending as they did on the goodwill and voluntary action of landlords (Cracraft, 340). Therefore convinced that the task of improving the condition of the peasants kind of

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