The Criminal Justice System Law Enforcement Agencies

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The Criminal Justice System works to enforce laws within the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the government. To insure the criminal justice agencies are organized and functioning, it is typically divided into three main components. The three main components are law enforcement agencies, court agencies, and correctional agencies (Siegel & Worrall, 2015). Law enforcement agencies are in charge of thoroughly investigating the crimes and detaining suspects (Siegel & Worrall, 2015). Court agencies are within the court system in which handles all charges, indictments, trials, and sentences (Siegel & Worrall, 2015). Correctional agencies are in charge of the next step after the suspect is convicted such as monitoring, treating, and rehabilitating (Siegel & Worrall, 2015).
The law enforcement agency is the first step in the criminal justice system. There job is to formally maintain order and enforce laws (Siegel & Worrall, 2015). Police officers work hard to enforce traffic laws, prevent criminal behavior, keep alcohol and drug use under control, provide emergency services, and control any conflicts. They are also in charge of finding a probable cause to detain a suspect.
The second step is the court agency. The court agency comes in once the criminal is arrested where they are booked and processed. Following the booking process, the criminal is given a court date. The suspect will be found guilty or not guilty in a court of law. The court includes the
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