The Criminal Man

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In this paper I will discuss the makings of the Criminal Man according to some of the most famous early Criminologists. I will show how they came up with the Criminal Man using their education, professional experiments and ideals as to what causes a person to become a criminal. As I discuss each theory of what they felt made a person become a criminal you will begin to understand the development towards the laws and views of the criminologists we have in today’s era. Throughout the paper I will provide my personal opinion on the views of these criminologists and why I agree or disagree with their theories, also providing information on how they are incorporated in today’s society. The earliest explanation of criminal behavior came from Spiritualism. According to Tannenbaum 1938, Spiritualism explained deviant behavior as the conflict between absolute good and absolute evil (Lilley, Cullen and Ball 2011 pg. 17). People who believed in Spiritualism believed those who committed crimes did so because they were possessed by evil spirits and if they were innocent then God would spare them and they would live through the horrific punishments, but if they were guilty God would not spare them and they would die from their punishments. Spiritualism could not be tested scientifically because according to those who believed in Spiritualism the cause of crime was not of this world, which leads to other theories called Natural Explanations. Natural Explanations opened the door to
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