The Crisis Of The October Crisis

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A few years before the October Crisis happened, a popular politician named René Lévesque formed a party called the Mouvement Souveraineté-Association (MSA). On October 11th, 1968, the MSA merged with the Ralliement national to form the Parti Québécois. The Rassemblement pour l’indépendance nationale (RIN) disbanded and its leader, Pierre Bourgalt, joined the PQ. All the separatist forces were united, with Lévesque as their leader. Before the October Crisis, Lévesque was badly defeated in an election against Robert Bourassa’s Liberal party. Consequently, he decided to return to journalism as a columnist for the Journal de Montréal. After the October Crisis, the Parti Québecois had a comeback. However, it was not very successful. The PQ engaged in years of soul-searching and came to the conclusion that they need to be elected on a good-government platform and then, they needed to hold a referendum on Québec’s sovereignty. On November 15th, 1976, the PQ finally won the election and René Lévesque became premier of Québec. Six years had passed since their failed but determined comeback. For many, these six years passed easily but for Lévesque and his inordinate lack of patience, the road to power was too long. He had had far too many obstacles on the way. First, there had been Robert Bourassa who had been with him until he had decided that he did not support Lévesque’s opinions. Bourassa was highly underestimated, for he was actually a difficult politician to beat in an election.
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